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Voice Lesson Vocal Singing Midlothian Richmond VA

About The Studio

Our Mission


BREAKING NEWS! Songbird's Studio owner Dr. Fran Coleman is relocating to Florence, SC, effective August 19, 2017. The Midlothian, VA location of Songbird's Studio, LLC will be closing on August 18, 2017.  Please contact Dr. Coleman directly to inquire about private voice lessons in South Carolina.


Dr. Fran Coleman opened Songbird's Studio, LLC in 2010 to expand quality voice training to all interested singers. Dr. Coleman's teaching philosophy is to educate and inspire those who wish to explore the world of singing. She feels it is necessary to introduce proper technique by incorporating it into vocal exercises and the student’s choice of musical style, so as to always keep their interests as well as reinforce their desire to practice. Through consistent practice and dedication to the craft, the student will successfully learn to use their instrument healthily and happily.


Having the talent to sing is just one step to be a competent performer. First, you have to cultivate confidence and pride within yourself. At Songbird’s Studio, L.L.C instilling these qualities is priority one! It is a studio dedicated to the training of singers and the growth of self-assured performers.  


David Schafer-Gottschalk

Ms. Coleman balances technical instruction and interpretation in lessons, and her winning personality endears her students to her.  She is patient, but constantly strives for improvement and excellence.

Kym Mincks

Fran certainly has excellent academic credentials but beyond that, she herself is an active performer and truly understands and prepares her students for those unique rigors that they will face.

Jennifer Vernier

The students have mutual respect for Fran because she meets them at their level and through positive encouragement, she engages them and instills a desire to learn, which takes their skills to new levels.

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